What is OnTheFly?

Picea® Services OnTheFly provides the mobile device leasing sector with realtime reporting tools to ensure the device quality throughout the leasing period.

Our OnTheFly services can assist leasing organisations in providing remote diagnostics through the leasing period, either in the event of a damage claim or as part of a regular device check to ensure the health of the device.

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Benefits For Leasing Companies

Customer retention can be improved by providing regular health checks and repair options and direct customers to utilise insurance facilities where devices have fallen below the acceptable lease baseline early, as opposed to any penalties on the device return at the end of the lease, as well as identify “sweet spots” for device upgrades before device health drops below acceptable levels.

Leasing companies can accurately monitor the buyback value of devices over the lease period, providing early notice and mitigation opportunities for increase variance in final device value.

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