What is OnTheFly?

As more end users rely on the manufacturer for support and service, OEMs are now taking on more repair and diagnostics burden.

The Picea® Services OnTheFly solution helps to markedly reduce this burden by offering OEMs and their customers simple and easy to use App driving device verification and diagnostics through our Verify OTF and Diagnostics OTF solutions.

Trade-In OnTheFly enables to run efficient phone upgrade programs. Through automated tests, customers are offered more accurate valuations for their device instantly, with verification and diagnostics of devices.

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Benefits For OEMs

Available for integration in store, at the call centre or online, OnTheFly provides cost savings and increased customer retention through faster and more efficient fault detection and resolution and improvements in the avoidance of service breaks.

OEMs can perform full remote diagnostics and confirmation of OEM hardware whilst the device is with the user, gaining deep insights into device health whcih is returned in realtime to the service operator. This can be used to provide non-return solutions including software update and device resets, detect patterns of faults in devices or provide qualified need for return and repair/replacement.

Utilizing Trade-In OnTheFly OEMs can differentiate their products and services and increase customer loyalty by offering upgrade programs for consumers to easily trade their devices.

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