Working with repair companies, we understand that no-fault-found scenarios leads to wasted resources and poor customer service experience and retention. We also understand that tethered diagnostics can introduce barriers for certain customer demographics which leads to customers using the classic return to base process, with it’s associated logistics costs and customer time without device delays.

Picea® Services OnTheFly is our latest progression in our software platforms, offering repair companies of any size simple to use, App based on device solutions.

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Benefits for Repair Companies

Through callcentres and online self portals, repairers can leverage Verify OTF and Diagnostics OTF to remotely verify and diagnose customer devices without it ever leaving their hands.

Our realtime reporting accelerates the remote diagnostics experience for end customers and our granular testing process enables repairers to deep dive into devices ensuring comprehensive testing and issue detection, giving instant and accurate repair cost estimates to end customers before the device is seen by a technician or non-return advice such as software updates or device resets.

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