What is OnTheFly?

Our break-through Picea® Services OnTheFly offer retailers measurable improvements in customer service and retention, cost efficiencies and opportunities for up-selling.

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Benefits for Retailers / E-Commerce vendors

By untethering customer devices from diagnostics terminals, retailers can more easily service multiple customers at the same time, improving speed and efficiency in store whilst reducing customer waiting times and staff training.

Retailers can further improve customer service through the integration of OnTheFly into their call centres as well as make available options for self help portals. With OnTheFly and our on device app, customers can run diagnostics and receive advice, repair cost estimation and support without the device ever leaving their hands. Cost efficiencies are generated through the avoidance of remote and in-store repairs, reducing in no-fault-found returns and improved customer retention.

By integrating Trade-In OnTheFly into buyback and trade-in processes, retailers can offer fully customized digital trade-in journey for their consumers who can start trade-in journey anywhere.

In case of buyer’s remorse, Verify OnTheFly on the e-commerce site’s digital return user flow ensures the phones are verified before the return is validated. This helps save time and avoid unnecessary costs, enabling reselling the devices faster.

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