Piceasoft partners

Piceasoft has partnered with several resellers in various countries to provide leading mobile lifecycle solutions to create new business opportunities and enable a cost-efficient services for your Telecom-, Retail- and Enterprise customers. If you are interested in becoming a partner, please email sales@piceasoft.com.

Brodos – one of the three leading mobile communications distributors in Germany.

MobileReclaim is Piceasoft partner in UK and Ireland.

Mobis Electronics – leading phone distributor in Balkan region.

Bauxite – the fastest growing independent retailer in Italy.

Autronic AG – distributor for Piceasoft products in Switzerland.

SELECTRIC Nachrichten-Systeme GmbH – distributor for Piceasoft products in Germany.

Refeo Solutions – Piceasoft partner in Europe specializing for recycling and IT asset disposal companies.

Herweck – one of the leading distributors for telecommunications and information technology in Germany.

Stahlgruber GmbH – a wholesale company located in Germany.

Kolme – one of the largest Italian IT distributors.

KOMSA – one of the leading service providers in the information and communications technology sector in Europe.

TFK Austria – a leading distributor in the Austrian telecommunication market.