Plug And Play

Wifi ready and supplied with fully integrated touch screen monitor, label printer and wireless input peripherals

All In One Design

With integrated lockable storage, the Cube flightcase securely holds everything required for operation


Robust And Portable

The Cube is an ultra sturdy, all-in-one platform designed for rapid redeployment to any environment

Fully Expandable

The Cube comes with options for 32, 64 or 96 ultra fast USB 3.0 ports for bulk device processing

Created with
Mobile Reclaim

Onsite Services with

The Cube

Our fully mobilised, self contained unit allows managed services for data erase, diagnostics and data transfer. The Cube equips large corporates to comply with all GDPR governance surrounding smartphones and tables using ADISA approved software.

The Cube

The GDPR Risk

  • Corporates and large businesses have a responsibility to remove and erase data on all devices including smartphones containing personal data in line with GDPR regulations.
  • The Cube enables the forensic removal of all data from a mobile device / tablet whilst on the customers’ premises supported by a certificate and underwritten insurance policy.
  • The penalty for a breach can be 4% of overall revenue or €20 million; whichever is higher.
The Cube

The Solution

  • The Cube is a fully self contained workstation which can be deployed globally.
  • The software offers the ability to check all aspects of a device including:
    • Find My iPhone / Google Android Lock Status direct from the device.
    • Stolen Status through GSMA Device Check ensuring peace of mind.
The Solution

Tried and tested

Perfect tool to support device recycling trade-in or leasing program
Fully managed service
Fully managed service available for on-site training and processing resource
Available for hire globally
Available for hire globally
Suite of hardware and software tests
A full end to end suite of hardware and software tests to ensure an uniform QA process
£50,000 per indemnity cover for data erase solution
Forensically wipe over 100 units per hour
Forensically wipe over 100 units per hour
The Cube

Comprehensive Reporting

  • Full end to end visibility of products and services within minutes of activity.
  • IMEI/Serial Number level breakdown
  • PDF available for individual transactions