What is OnTheFly?

Piceasoft fully understand that as a carrier, customer experience is vital for retention and smooth running of customer contracts.

In our continuing mission to Simplify the Mobile Life, our latest PiceaServices OnTheFly offering provides enhancements to carrier processes throughout the device lifecycle through our latest remote and app driven customer service.

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Benefits for Telecom Operators and Carriers

Our Verify OTF and Diagnostics OTF services can be used to offer both carriers and end customers:

  • Simple to use remote diagnostics of a device in the event of problems with the handset through retail store, call centre or self help portals
  • Accurate diagnosis and cost estimation through detailed realtime reporting
  • Prevention of no-fault-found returns to the carrier and unnecessary associated logistics costs
  • Instant device testing and valuation for trade-in/trade-up operations
  • Verification of replacement devices in the event the original device was lost or stolen to prevent non-contract repairs to users replacement devices
  • Improved customer service and reduced time for customers without their handsets

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