Grow Your Business

Manage and offer end-to-end trade-in services for multiple customers via mobile, online and in-store.

The all-in-one platform takes less than 24 hours to launch your services and easily connects your customers to a circular economy.

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Benefit From:
  • New revenue streams
  • Access to a wider customer base & device supply channels
  • More efficient business processes
  • Full control of your business with a configuration tool
  • Fast time to market with same-day delivery
Trade-In for Trade In Vendor


  • Optimize processes & expand your customer base through an ever-growing ecosystem
  • Increase trade-in device supply & profits
  • Decrease grading variance with automatic device identification & AI-based diagnostics
  • Guaranteed eligibility & quality of trade-in devices
  • Improve inventory management with real-time data & just-in-time spare part delivery
  • Resell faster with better visibility of incoming trade-in devices
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