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End-to-end trade-in, self-support, warranty & repair and insurance services, accessible via mobile, online & in-store.

The all-in-one platform takes less than 24 hours to launch your services and connects you to a circular economy with multiple partner integrations.

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Benefit From:
  • New services, revenue streams & upsell opportunities
  • Improved customer experience & in-store productivity
  • Off-the-shelf plugin for major e-commerce platforms 
  • Increased customer loyalty & retention
  • Sustainable business growth


  • Take your trade-in service to the next level with optimized end-to-end processes & partner integrations
  • Independently create & customize trade-in experiences & processes
  • Increase profitability by using AI to reduce variance in device valuation 
  • Attract consumers by offering the highest trade-in value through multiple trade-in vendors
  • Improve your conversion rate by providing consumers with immediate & guaranteed trade-in offers
  • Easily create innovative campaigns to drive consumer acquisition & retention for increased subscription sales & revenue 
  • Further engage customers & boost device sales with OEM campaigns
  • Set your own dashboards for analytics & follow up on KPIs for continuous improvement
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Operator & Retailer Self-Support


  • Enhance your service experience to improve efficiency & increase customer satisfaction 
  • Rationalize your support process by offering easy-to-use pre-screening tools for consumers
  • Provide immediate remedies & offer accurate service prices for your customers 
  • Save costs by avoiding NFF cases
  • Increase brand loyalty with a useful self-support tool
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Warranty & Repair

Warranty & Repair

  • Optimize your warranty & repair services to increase customer satisfaction
  • Efficiently identify critical repair requirements & avoid NFF cases
  • Easily determine if a device is under warranty & verify eligible faults
  • Identify the need for repair on the component level & offer out-of-warranty component replacements
  • Connect with repair service providers to offer instant & accurate costs
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Device Grading


  • Connect with insurance service providers to generate new revenue opportunities within the same platform
  • Identify out-of-warranty devices & upsell insurance for new & refurbished devices
  • Create a campaign for regular device health checks to adjust insurance premiums
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