Leadership Team

Mikko Pyykkö


Mikko Pyykkö is the Chief Executive Officer of Piceasoft. Mikko is responsible for the development and execution of the company’s strategy and growth. Mikko joined Piceasoft as a Chief Commercial Officer to lead overall sales strategy and to expand Piceasoft’s business in new markets. Before joining Piceasoft, Mikko has worked as a Vice President of sales at Zippie Ltd. He has also served as Chief Operating Officer at Third Space Auto Ltd and Vice President of Sales at Jolla Ltd. With over 20 years of experience in international technology business, Mikko has been working in a range of marketing and sales leadership roles with key mobile operators and retailers.

Jani Väänänen


Jani Väänänen is Piceasoft’s Chief Technology Officer, co-founder and member of the Board of Directors. Jani is responsible for our research and development. Jani is known as a very skillful software developer and an innovator with multiple patents. Jani has versatile and deep knowledge on the range of technologies including PC connectivity, mobile operating systems, cloud technologies and AI.

Pia Kantola

Senior Advisor

Pia Kantola is the Senior Advisor of Piceasoft. Pia is responsible for supporting the execution of the company strategy. Pia was previously working as Piceasoft CEO. With in-depth experience of mobile phone and software industry, Pia has led large organisations at HMD Global, Microsoft, Nokia and Fastems in areas including software development, sales, product management, operations and customer service.

Joni Lagerbom

VP of Customer Services

Joni Lagerbom is our Vice President of Customer Services, co-founder and member of Piceasoft Board of Directors. Joni manages Piceasoft’s customer service strategy including support, feedback and product delivery and the overall performance of people and processes to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Joni has a strong background in software development and customer care of Nokia PC software products for millions of customers.

Samuli Ylinen

Product Director

Samuli Ylinen is our Product Director. He is responsible for leading the formation and execution of Piceasoft's product strategy according to customer needs. Samuli works closely with sales, marketing and R&D teams to ensure timely delivery of all product activities and alignment across different functions. Samuli has broad experience in software product design and product creation programs at Microsoft and Nokia and in-depth knowledge of managing customer experience from gathering customer needs, to concepting, implementing and delivering innovations to over a hundred million consumers.

Anne Huotari

Anne Huotari


Anne Huotari is responsible for Piceasoft marketing, communications and brand development. She ensures that Piceasoft marketing strategy supports overall brand awareness and sales execution. She has led marketing and digital service development projects in various areas such as developer programs, usability and B2B customer support at Sandvik, Microsoft and Nokia.

Pauliina Liuhala


Pauliina Liuhala is Finance and People Director at Piceasoft. She is managing financial controls, budgeting and reporting. She is also responsible for human resources practices including talent management, work culture and wellbeing. Pauliina has strong accounting background and experience on corporate governance in several enterprises. Pauliina is a member of the board of Insecon Oy and Pirkan Verkkopalvelu Oy and Chairman of the Board of Linvestment Oy.

Global Sales Team

Juha Roysko

Juha Röyskö

Sales Director

Juha Röyskö is the Sales Director of Piceasoft working with many of the European countries and operator customers. Juha has broad international experience in sales and product management positions. He has also led industrial relations in interoperability area.

Kari Ketola

Kari Ketola


Kari Ketola is Director of Technical Sales and Project Delivery at Piceasoft. Kari is leading technical sales ensuring successful customer project deliveries globally. Kari has extensive experience in the ICT industry in enterprise content management, professional service business, sales and establishing operations in international markets at M-Files, PragmatIQ, Cybercom and DB-Manager.

Jan Kokko

Jan Kokko

VP of Sales

Jan Kokko is VP of sales at Piceasoft focusing on the Nordic and Eastern European countries. Jan has extensive experience in international sales and marketing positions in the ICT industry, including sales and marketing management positions at HP.