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Piceasoft Launches New Consumer Electronics Platform & Ecosystem, PiceaOnline

The new PiceaOnline ecosystem consolidates Piceasoft’s solutions into one AI-driven business platform, expanding the support from mobiles to other high-value…

3 October 2022
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Process more devices in less time using Volume Workflows

When used mobile devices are bought back via trade-in programs, the old devices end up at a device processing facility…

9 September 2022
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Piceasoft Oy siirtyy arvo-osuusjärjestelmään

Piceasoft Oy:n osakkeenomistajien yksimielinen päätös 20.07.2022 päätti liittää Yhtiön osakkeet arvo-osuusjärjestelmään ja valtuutti Yhtiön hallituksen päättämään arvo-osuusjärjestelmään siirtymisen ajankohdasta. Yhtiön…

26 August 2022
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How Trade-In Vendors & Recyclers Can Benefit From Identifying Mobile Devices Targeted For Specific Operators

Mobile device trade-in vendors and recyclers handling a large number of used mobile devices look for efficiency and performance in…

9 August 2022
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How to efficiently process a large number of mobile devices

Recyclers processing a large number of mobile devices look for operational efficiency and ease of use. There are several ways…

29 June 2022
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Drive Engagement And Traffic To Your Service Channels Using Picea® Services

Digitalizing your service channels brings economies of scale, increases your reach outside your points of sale, and, above all, allows…

23 June 2022
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How Mobile Device Trade-in Companies Benefit From Working With Piceasoft

There are 55 million phones in the UK hidden away in drawers when they could be recycled or refurbished and…

9 June 2022
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How PiceaServices Mobile Can Help Operators Promote Mobile Device Trade-Ins And Acquire New Customers

Today’s mobile device consumers can choose from multiple service providers and mobile subscription plans. Mobile device trade-in programs are getting…

1 June 2022
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How To Effectively Help Prevent NFF Repairs For Mobile Devices

Consumers returning non-defective mobile devices for repair create a major challenge for mobile operators, retailers, and repair companies. Consumers perceive…

11 May 2022