Piceasoft’s new AI-powered self-service promotes mobile device circularity by bringing troubleshooting assistant to your pocket

The addition of new AI-powered self-service features to Piceasoft’s mobile device circularity platform allows consumers to easily and accurately assess…

17 June 2024
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Effortless mobile device trade-in online: Accurate assessments without compromising consumer convenience

Accurate mobile device assessment is vital for fair trade-ins and customer trust. But can online trade-ins be made easy for…

11 June 2024
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Eliminating privacy risks of used mobile devices with Piceasoft’s ADISA-certified erasing solutions

Mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, often store a wealth of personal data. With rising concerns over data privacy,…

22 May 2024
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Process more devices in less time using Volume workflows

When used mobile devices are bought back via trade-in programs, the old devices end up at a device processing facility…

15 May 2024

Overview of PiceaServices: Optimizing used mobile device lifecycles at the point-of-sale

As consumers become more conscious of costs and environmental impact, the growing demand for used mobile devices highlights the importance…

3 May 2024
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Enhancing Mobile Operator and Retailer Apps with Trade-In Capabilities: A Win-Win for Businesses and Users

Trade-in programs have long been recognized for their benefits to consumers, offering a convenient way to upgrade to the latest…

25 April 2024
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Piceasoft’s CEO changes

Piceasoft, Europe’s leading provider of mobile device lifecycle solutions, has announced that its CEO Kristian Järnefelt has left his position.…

24 April 2024
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The power of accurate device diagnostics in mobile device lifecycle services

At the heart of mobile device lifecycle services lies the essential process of precise device diagnostics. Whether evaluating device conditions…

9 April 2024
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Boost mobile device trade-in & sales revenue on your e-commerce site

In the mobile device trade-in industry, businesses succeed by catering to diverse consumer preferences. This means allowing customers to start…

25 March 2024