Mobile device circular economy platform provider Piceasoft partners with NorthLadder to extend mobile device lifecycles by enhancing simplicity and fairness of mobile trade-ins

Over 5 billion mobile devices are discarded annually, contributing to more than 50 million tonnes of e-waste. The partnership aims…

22 February 2024

Piceasoft introduces new, unique solutions to extend the life-cycle of mobile devices and advance the circular economy

Billions of usable mobile devices are thrown away each year, creating an e-waste management issue that is one of the…

22 February 2024
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Piceasoft: Powering the circular economy for mobile devices – meet us at Mobile World Congress

We’re getting ready for Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona on 26-29 February, where we look forward to showcasing our…

5 February 2024
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Eliminating Privacy Risks of Used Mobile Devices With Piceasoft’s ADISA-Certified Erasing Solutions

Mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, often store a wealth of personal data. With rising concerns over data privacy,…

22 January 2024

Overview of PiceaServices: Optimizing Used Mobile Device Lifecycles at the Point-of-Sale

As consumers become more conscious of costs and environmental impact, the growing demand for used mobile devices highlights the importance…

3 January 2024
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Piceasoft Suunnattu Osakeanti 2023

Piceasoft Oy:llä on käynnissä suunnattu osakeanti osakkeenomistajille. Piceasoft Oy:n osakkeenomistajille on lähetetty tiedote lisätietoineen sähköpostitse. 11 December 2023
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Optimizing in-store service experience for mobile device trade-ins

Customer experience plays an essential role in the success of retail businesses. Trade-in programs provide a great way to introduce…

22 November 2023

Piceasoft and SBS Announce Strategic Partnership to Expand Customer Reach and Value

Piceasoft, a leading provider of mobile device lifecycle solutions software, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with SBS, one…

7 November 2023
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Boost Mobile Device Trade-in & Sales Revenue on Your E-commerce Site

Consumer buying behavior has shifted significantly towards online shopping. As this trend continues evolving, consumers expect seamless and convenient experiences…

26 October 2023