What is PiceaServices?

PiceaServices point-of-sale applications allow you to offer value-add services to your customers. This modular software-only solution is easy to use and supports all devices and major operating systems. You can select the services to meet your business needs and customize the solution to your brand.

Why deploy PiceaServices?

With these solutions, you can increase revenue, optimize costs and enhance customer loyalty. You can expand the service easily into the omnichannel consumer journeys and integrate services into your business processes with a rich set of APIs. Localization is available for all key countries worldwide.

PiceaServices Switch mobile device content transfer UI

Easiest and Fastest Switch

Picea® Switch enables fast and easy personal content transfer between any two mobile devices. It supports secure cloud or USB flash drive backup/restore.

PiceaServices Verify

Ensure a mobile device is ready for resale

Picea® Verify checks whether devices are acceptable for resale, service or buyback by checking for active device locks, inserted SIM or Memory cards and against GSMA Device Check™.

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Mobile Device Diagnostics

Comprehensive Diagnostics

Picea® Diagnostics provides automatic and extensive mobile device testing, including device grading with minimum human interaction. It features fully automated, user-assisted test cases, and software analysis within 2-3 minutes per device. Diagnostics helps retail stores avoid No Fault Found returns and unnecessary repair center deliveries.

PiceaServices Eraser mobile device content eraser

100% Secure Content Eraser

Picea® Eraser enables safe disposal, reuse or resale of mobile devices by permanently erasing all sensitive user content. Up to 32 phones or tablets can be simultaneously erased.


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