Designed for Processing Multiple Mobile Devices Simultaneously

Optimize efficiency and save time and effort. PiceaVolume provides make-model recognition, mobile device diagnostics, and secure content erasing in one user flow.

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Key Features

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MMR & Device Checks

  • Make-model recognition of devices
  • Active device locks, inserted SIM & memory cards checks
  • Verified against GSMA Device Check™

Comprehensive Diagnostics

  • Fast & simple diagnostics process
  • Over 90 diagnostics test cases for iOS & Android
  • Fully automated & user-assisted tests

Secure Data Erasing

Increase Cost Efficiency & Performance
  • Cost efficiency and performance with minimum labor costs
  • PiceaVolume is a fast and user-friendly solution that is also easy to take into use
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Benefit From:
  • Optimized mobile device handling process
  • Manage & customize workflows & configurations centrally using the Product Management console with 24/7 real-time access
  • Easy scaling from single installation to multisite & multinational environments
  • Cloud-based reporting & workflow management ​
  • Automatic updates to avoid service breaks​
  • ADISA-certified mobile content erasure guarantees data security ​
  • Complete & transparent audit trail
  • Online reports & certificates for follow-up & process review
  • Flexible integration options & APIs

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