What is OnTheFly?

Picea® Services OnTheFly introduces Verify and Diagnostics to the insurance industry, to reduce risk and bolster exiting fraud detection and avoidance whilst offering better end user customer service.

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Benefits For Insurance Companies

In combination, Verify OTF and Diagnostics OTF offer insurers the ability to remotely access both device information (including IMEI, lost and stolen and device lock checks) as well as run baseline diagnostics to confirm a newly insured device’s condition at the start of the cover period. This process helps to instantly identify and exclusions within the cover, and reduces the claims brought against pre-existing issues, potentially allowing insurers to reduce their initial claim exclusion time periods (often one to two months) to increase customer satisfaction.

In the event of a claim during the cover period, call-centre managed remote diagnostics with realtime reporting gives insurers simple to use tools to instantly run diagnostics and assist users in guiding them to repair, replacement or software upgrade options, as well as identify repair cost estimations whilst the device is still in the possession of the end user.

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