What is OnTheFly?

By integrating OnTheFly into the buyback and trade-in processes, customers receive a hugely simplified user experience where existing processes to manually identify and self grade devices for trade-in value are replaced with fully automated on device identification and diagnostics.

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Key Benefits for Buyback and Trade-In

Through automated tests, customers are offered more accurate valuations for their device instantly, without the option to change grading and attempt to maximise their quotation by incorrectly grading their devices.

On top of the phone valuation, our real-time reporting platform provides visibility to trade-ins incoming from stores. This enables to resell the devices faster. Trade-in vendors and recyclers can integrate the service with their warehouse catalogue and device inventory.

Verify OTF ensures the device is acceptable including:

  • Accurate Make/Model recognition
  • IMEI detection
  • Lost and stolen checks
  • iOS and Android deactivation checks
  • Presence of any media cards

By leveraging our OnTheFly solutions, operators, recyclers and retailers can reduce variance, ensure returned devices are suitable for recycling and boost customer experience through a simple and automated process, with lower rates of device pricing reductions.

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