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Detecting User Accounts On Mobile Devices For Better Trade-In Value

To optimise trade-in value it is important to check the device for active device locks, inserted SIM, or memory cards and to see if the device is lost or stolen. You also want to detect and remove user accounts from the mobile devices before the trade-in transaction is completed.

This is essential so that the trade-in vendor can resell the traded device to a new customer with better value. If a device has active user accounts it is practically impossible to resell the device and therefore it has no value as it cannot be traded.

Piceasoft’s products support account checks in device operating systems, such as:

  • Find My checks in Apple iOS/iPadOS
  • Google account checks in Android devices
  • Samsung account checks in Samsung’s Android devices and
  • Huawei account checks in Huawei’s devices without Google services.

Our omnichannel solutions help to easily detect active user accounts and ensure the device is eligible for reuse for example in the following use cases:

Mobile device trade-in online or at home:

In case you offer trade-in programs for consumers online or through their mobiles, user accounts can be automatically detected as part of the trade-in user flow. In these cases, you can advise consumers to remove their accounts before shipping their devices.

Alternatively, you can advise your consumers to finalize the trade-in in-store, where your store personnel can continue the process from where consumers left off.

Mobile device trade-in at the point of sale:

Picea® Services point-of-sale software detects automatically users’ accounts and retail personnel can ask the consumers to remove the accounts while still being in the store. To make it even easier for the retail personnel, it is also possible to configure the Picea® Services Trade-In software to stop the trade flow if any user accounts are detected on the device. Once the user accounts are removed, the trade-in process can be completed.

Ideally, the user accounts are removed from the devices before the devices are sent to the recycling facility. This ensures better value for the devices for the trade-in vendor.

Processing trade-ins at the recycling center:

Mobile device recycling company looks for efficiency when handling a large number of devices. This requires that all user accounts are removed before processing, refurbishing, and reselling the devices back to the second-hand market.

Picea® Services Volume supports automatic user account detection. If user accounts are detected at the recycling facility, it takes extra effort to remove those accounts, if it is even possible. This takes extra time, increases device processing costs, and decreases trade-in vendor profits.

To ensure better trade-in value from mobile devices, ensure user accounts are identified and removed from the devices early in the process.

User account detection is supported in all PiceaServices solutions throughout the end-to-end omnichannel trade-in journey:

To discuss which solutions work best for you or to see a live demo, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information by filling in the Request a Demo form.


About Piceasoft Ltd

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