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Elkjøp Nordic Consolidates Their Services Software to Piceasoft Solutions

 mobile data erasing Elkjøp Nordic renews the agreement with Piceasoft and further expands the usage of Piceasoft solutions at their retail shops. In addition to excellent results with PiceaSwitch, Elkjøp have decided to consolidate their mobile data erasing to PiceaServices PiceaEraser software. Partnership with Piceasoft has been a great way for Elkjøp to improve sales and develop processes to gain a strong hold of the mobile phone services market.

Elkjøp operates under its own name in Norway, as Elgiganten in Sweden and Denmark and as Gigantti in Finland. Elkjøp also covers the Phone House stores in Norway, Denmark and Sweden and the Lefdal chain in Norway as well as over 130 franchise stores. It is the largest consumer electronics retailer in the Nordics with over 400 stores in six Nordic countries. For Elkjøp staff the deployment of PiceaServices has been easy and efficient – in fact, the product has become a well-established part of Elkjøp’s product portfolio.

“The sales in mobile phone services has become an important part of Elkjøp’s business strategy and we are extremely happy to be part of this”, said Jyri Roselius, Piceasoft CEO.

With PiceaSwitch the consumers can start using their new mobile device immediately and leave their old device safely in the shop. All personal data from the old device is erased with PiceaEraser. Great service provided by Elkjøp and the time saved improves customer experience. This is something consumers are willing to pay extra for. Elkjøp are happy to say that customers have embraced the new service, which can be seen as an increased loyalty towards Elkjøp.

“We are happy to confirm that the two years of cooperation with PiceaServices has proven to be a great success to increase our retail customer satisfaction and create new business opportunities for the company” said Ove Lyngøy, Development Manager – Commercial Services at Elkjøp Nordic.

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