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How can retailers serve their mobile device customers online?

As the spread of coronavirus continues across the globe, it is causing people to stay at home and avoid going out. This means fewer shoppers in physical phone retail stores. Some retailers have even temporarily closed all of their shops.

While the well-being of customers and employees should be the top priority, finding a way to continue to run business and serve end customers is also a topical task for many. Supply challenges have impacted sales of new phones and tablets, but at the same time, consumers now have more reasons than ever to use their mobile devices to stay connected.

Consumers are increasingly moving to purchase and seek technical support online. This further accelerates the adoption of remote interactions and services. Consumers want the same services they find in a physical store, but online. They want fast data transfer, secure erasing of their personal data, and an easy way to fix issues and sell their phones.

PiceaServices OnTheFly is Piceasoft’s innovative platform to create fully customized digital user journeys and serve mobile device consumers online. By leveraging OnTheFly technology, retailers can offer the same excellent mobile experiences to consumers through digital channels. OnTheFly solutions offer retailers measurable improvements in customer service and loyalty, cost efficiencies, and opportunities for up-selling.

For example, retailers can benefit from OnTheFly in the following use cases:

  • Retailers can offer a fully customized digital trade-in journey for their consumers who can start a trade-in journey anywhere.
  • Consumers can run diagnostics and receive advice, repair cost estimation, and support remotely at home.
  • Retailers can further improve customer service through the integration of OnTheFly into their call centers as well as make available options for self-help portals.
  • E-commerce retailers can manage the device returns in case of buyer’s remorse, by automatically capturing the phone information and by checking that phone is ready for the return. This helps save time and avoid unnecessary costs, enabling reselling the devices faster.

For more information about Picea® Services OnTheFly solutions or to arrange a demo, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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