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How online retail and repair companies can benefit from Piceasoft’s innovative Verify OnTheFly solution

Mobile phone online retailers are trying their best to make it easier for consumers to buy mobile devices online. When consumers purchase online, they have a right to return the product within buyer’s remorse period, i.e. within certain amount of time depending on a country. This leads to a high number of e-commerce returns and complications in cases when consumers have not removed the locks from the mobile phone. There may be even cases that the phone that is returned is not the same device that consumer originally bought or a counterfeit.

Receiving locked mobile phones and phones with active user accounts can result in extra time spend and costs for e-commerce partners. This, in turn, can have a significant negative impact on profit margins. Many of the phone repair flows have also moved online and face similar challenges.

Solving E-commerce returns issues

Piceasoft has Verify solutions available to solve this problem. After integrating Verify OnTheFly to the e-commerce site’s digital return user flow, the phones are verified before the return is validated. This helps save time and avoid unnecessary costs, enabling reselling the devices faster. E-Commerce partner can have a report sent to the cloud which phone is returned making it easier for them to follow the returns.

It is worth noting that Verify OnTheFly also has an important role to play for consumers in case of buyer’s remorse. As a consumer, you wouldn’t want to return your device with your user accounts active. Verify OnTheFly ensures they are securely removed from a device prior return acceptance.

Fast & accurate device verification

Piceasoft has an innovative consumer service platform to remotely verify an end-users mobile device – Verify OnTheFly. The innovative technology creates opportunities for more efficiency in reverse logistics chains.

Verify OnTheFly allows the end user to run verification at home from a QR code. Consumer can access to the QR code from online retailer’s or online care partner’s website.

Verify OnTheFly ensures a mobile device is acceptable for reuse through fast and accurate make/model recognition, IMEI detection, lost and stolen checks, iOS and Android activation lock checks and presence of any media cards.

Ensuring an easier repair flow

Verify OnTheFly ensures an easier repair flow by avoiding locked phones and phones with active accounts in repair. As a consumer, you get a reduced resolution time, faster repair time and protection of your personal data. Utilising web technology that makes it easy for customers to create a branded web service, OnTheFly allows any organisation involved in device lifecycle management to easily integrate into current business processes, such as buyback services, online care and online retail operations.

For more information about Picea® Services OnTheFly solutions or to arrange a demo, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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