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Retailers boosting customer experience with easy-to-use phone data transfer

Personal data and content on a phone are getting more and more important for consumers. When a consumer switches to a new smartphone, transferring data to the new phone is both time-consuming and challenging. While alternative ways exist to transfer the content, there is a number of consumers who don’t know how to do it and even if they do, they perceive it difficult, especially when data needs to be transferred across different smartphone platforms.

For a retail company, this means an opportunity to offer increased convenience for consumers and get an additional source of revenue by offering the phone to phone content transfer as a service. For consumers, this means enhanced user experience as they can take their new mobile device into use immediately. Great customer service boosts customer loyalty and is of the utmost importance when it comes to growing your business. Happy customers are more likely to keep coming back to your stores.

Create additional revenue

Since early 2016 Elkjøp, the largest consumer electronics retailer in the Nordic countries with over 400 stores, has been improving its sales and processes in the mobile phone services market. Elkjøp, operating under its own name in Norway, as Elgiganten in Sweden and Denmark and as Gigantti in Finland, has been serving their consumers by transferring phone data for their customers using Picea® Switch. With close to 200,000 customers served annually, consumers have embraced the service and been willing to pay for it. This in turn has created new additional revenue for Elkjøp.

“Co-operation with PiceaServices has proven to be a great success. Once PiceaSwitch was taken into use, the usage has steadily grown increasing our retail customer satisfaction and revenue growth.  Soon after PiceaSwitch was deployed, we have consolidated our services software to complete set of Piceasoft solutions”, says Bård Fredagsvik, Aftersales Operations Manager at Elkjøp Nordic.

Enable service with easy-to-use tools

In order to enable retail personnel to delight their mobile device customers, the software tools need to be simple and straightforward to learn to use. PiceaSwitch allows smooth and fast transfer of all personal content between, and across, all major phone platforms and provides the same user experience for every device regardless of the OS.

The user experience has been designed from the very beginning to be easy to learn and the results of the most recent satisfaction survey among the Elkjøp retail personnel survey speak for themselves. The satisfaction rate with PiceaSwitch was an impressive 96%. As one of the survey respondents quoted: “Many thanks for making my job 100 times easier and faster.”

Improve in-store efficiency

While PiceaSwitch is known for its ease of use, the latest PiceaServices release features more optimized UI, enabling store personnel to serve their customers even better. The following improvements in PiceaSwitch will further drive in-store efficiency and customer loyalty.

  • Serve customers faster in-store. For example, Android to Android content transfer is up to 3 times faster now.
  • Ensure optimal transfer speed in each case and save time by choosing the best method to transfer the phone content. New available content transfer methods enable retail personnel to choose the best data transfer method for each customer. Whether a customer wants to have an identical copy of their old device content or only selected content in the new device, PiceaSwitch supports all options.
  • The easy learning curve for store personnel with even more intuitive user experience and step-by-step guidance on the UI through the content transfer.

Retail companies that would like to offer new services to their mobile phone customers and find additional sources of revenue, can try our products themselves. We offer a fully functional trial for free. Contact us by filling in a trial request form on our website and we would be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

Existing customers can get new PiceaSwitch features enabled by contacting their Piceasoft representative.