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Piceasoft appoints a new experienced Member of the Board

Hannu Meskanen has joined the Board of Directors of Piceasoft Oy.  He brings with him a wealth of software business leadership knowledge to Piceasoft. He has founded and led several software companies including Almare Systems, Plenware, Cybercom Plenware and acted as a Board member at Oscar Software and Eatech. Hannu is a recognized expert in scaling up the companies and has been listed two times as a finalist at Entrepreneur of the Year award by Ernst&Young.

“We are happy to get Hannu as a member of the Board. He brings strong experience from software business and how to scale up the software business globally,” tells Tapani Liuhala, Chairman of Board.

“Piceasoft has an interesting international success story, and potential to grow with the booming market of used phones. I am pleased to help Piceasoft with this growth journey,” says Hannu Meskanen.

Tapani Liuhala continues to lead Piceasoft’s Board and Piceasoft co-founders Risto Kivipuro, Jani Väänänen and Joni Lagerbom continue as Board members.

Piceasoft is a Finnish company that has created a unique set of software solutions to cover the whole lifecycle of mobile devices. Piceasoft innovative products are disrupting mobile device buyback, repair and recycling business and contributing to the circular economy by extending the life span of mobile phones. As consumers buying behaviour is evolving towards online shopping, Piceasoft is continuously developing its digital offerings.

For more information, contact:
Tapani Liuhala, Chairman of Board, Piceasoft
Mobile: +358 40 0331130

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About Piceasoft Ltd
Piceasoft is a Finnish company, located in Tampere. Since it was founded in 2012, Piceasoft has created a unique set of software solutions to cover the whole lifecycle of mobile devices. These solutions create new business opportunities and enable a cost-efficient service for mobile operators and retail chains. Our innovative products are disrupting the mobile device buyback, repair, and recycling business. Our software products are easy to use and offer added value to the end-user, which means better ROI and user satisfaction. In short, we promise to Simplify Your Mobile Life.