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Piceasoft expands to used and refurbished mobile market with Recommerce AG

refurbished mobile market

Swiss based Recommerce AG has selected Piceasoft Eraser, Verify and Diagnostics as the backbone of their refurbished and used mobile phone business.

Recommerce AG operates purchasing platform for mobile phones and tablets to buy used mobile devices and sell them with guarantee once refurbished. The business includes phones and tablets like used iPhones, iPads and mobile devices of the following brands: Apple, Blackberry, HTC, Huawei, LG, Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung and Sony. After several other trials, Recommerce AG found Piceasoft offering as best to do make and model recognition, device diagnostics and erase its memory safely. They also integrate via Piceasoft cloud Reporting API to their own application to save time and effort and also reduce human errors.

“Piceasoft is well established and known as vendor for point of sales products in the European market. It is our intention to further expand our business to other customer segments and we are pleased to cooperate with Recommerce AG in refurnished mobile device market”, said Jyri Roselius, Piceasoft CEO.

Global sales of refurbished and used mobile phones are estimated to account for revenues worth US$ 19.715,1 million in 2017, by end of 2025 this number is expected to reach nearly US$ 40.000 million. The market is growing rapidly also in Switzerland: “We are well established in Swiss used and refurbished mobile device market with our platform. Piceasoft quality products will lead our diagnostics, erasure and device assurance processes to the next phase”, said Peter Oertlin at Recommerce AG.

Piceasoft will be present at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and present their full retail and refurbishment solutions offering to the global mobile and connected devices industry.

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Jyri Roselius

Further information: Jyri Roselius CEO, Piceasoft Ltd
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About Piceasoft Ltd

Piceasoft is a Finnish company, located in Tampere. Since it was founded in 2012, Piceasoft has created a unique set of software solutions to cover the whole lifecycle of mobile devices. These solutions create new business opportunities and enable a cost-efficient service for mobile operators and retail chains. Our innovative products are disrupting mobile device buyback, repair and recycling business. Our software products are easy to use and offer added value to the end user, which means better ROI and user satisfaction. In short, we promise to Simplify Your Mobile Life.