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Piceasoft is a GDPR compliancy leader in Nordic countries

Current European Union’s Data Protection directive dates to 1995 and it outlines basic principles of personal data protection. Reform of data protection rules was initiated by the European Commission in January 2012 and a result of the four years’ work is a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), scheduled for publishing at the beginning of 2016. The GDPR will come into force two years after the date of publication. The new regulation is aimed towards private citizens as well as to businesses. Citizens will gain control of their personal data while businesses will benefit from simplified regulatory environment.

Piceasoft guarantees GDPR compliancy in smartphone space
The reuse and recycling market has become an integral part of the mobile ecosystem. Smartphones and tablets can have a second or even third life. According to Gartner report (2015) 64 % of mobile devices are reused; one third of these are passed to other users, and other two thirds are either sold privately or used as a trade-in allowance when buying new mobile devices.

Piceasoft’s product portfolio complies with the GDPR regulations coming into force in 2018. PiceaEraser™ completely empties device memory. Afterwards, the consumer who is either giving their mobile away or selling it for recycling can rest assure that no personal information will end up in anyone else’s hands. PiceaEraser fulfills requirements set by EU Data Protection Law – Article 17: Right to Erasure. PiceaReporting provides comprehensive reporting of all data erasure transactions. Solid reporting chain with full audit trail guarantees compliance with Article 22: Responsibility of the Controller.