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Reduce e-waste by extending the lifecycle of mobile devices and consumer electronics

Every year, about 50 million tonnes of waste is generated from electrical products. That’s equivalent to throwing out 1000 laptops every single second. Only 20% of those are correctly collected and recycled.

Things must change!

To help encourage this change, several good initiatives have been employed to constantly remind and inspire us to make more sustainable choices in our lives that affect the environment.

The International E-Waste Day is one of them. The day raises awareness and encourages consumers to dispose of e-waste correctly. This year the focus is on small items of e-waste, under the slogan ‘Recycle it all, no matter how small’.

Reuse, repair & recycle for the benefit of consumers, businesses, and the planet

In Europe, up to 1.4 kg of e-waste per inhabitant ends up in the general waste bin every year. On top of this, small appliances are stored and forgotten in drawers and cupboards at home.  The most common unused tech devices are smartphones, laptops, game consoles, and tablets.

In the UK alone, households collectively hold unused tech worth £16 bn. These devices could be traded in, repaired, or recycled to benefit everyone – consumers, businesses, and the planet.

Powering the circular economy for mobile devices and consumer electronics

Picea® Online business platform is designed to power the circular economy for mobile devices and consumer electronics. It enables organizations to offer trade-in, insurance, recycling, and support & repair services for mobiles and other consumer electronic devices – helping to reduce the environmental impact of these products.

Optimized for mobile operators, electronic retailers, e-commerce, repair, insurance, and trade-in vendors, the new platform provides a single solution to extend the lifecycle of mobile devices, smartwatches, laptops, tablets, and game consoles.


To discover more about how PiceaOnline can benefit your business and generate new revenue streams, visit the PiceaOnline page and book a demo.

About Piceasoft 

Located in Tampere, Finland, and founded in 2012, Piceasoft creates new business opportunities within the mobile device circular economy. Our ever-expanding platform and ecosystem powers companies at all levels to offer mobile devices trade-in, support, repair, and recycling services. Working with customers and partners in over 70 countries, our platform provides a single solution for businesses to introduce new services and revenue streams while reducing e-waste and promoting sustainability.