What is OnTheFly?

OnTheFly is our latest innovative consumer service platform to remotely verify an end-users mobile device, and perform full remote diagnostics, all through a simple and consistent user experience across iOS App Store or Android Google Play Apps.

Multi-sector relevance

OnTheFly (OTF) products create opportunities for more efficient business processes, better customer service, increased customer loyalty and new revenue generation for companies operating within the mobile smart device sectors. Utilising web technology that makes it easy for the customers to create a branded web service, OnTheFly allows any organisation involved in device lifecycle management to easily integrate current business processes, such as buyback services, call centre device support and retail operations.

OnTheFly has been developed with our entire customer base in mind, offering process and efficiency improvements to:


Extensive Benefits

PiceaService OnTheFly consists of Diagnostics OnTheFly and Verify OnTheFly. Verify performs checks and make-model-recognition to ensure devices are ready for trade-in. Diagnostics analyses the phone condition and need for the repair. Working together, the apps assist process throughout the mobile device sector including:

  • Instant full diagnostics without the need to take the device away from the end user
  • Comprehensive reporting to provide instant and more accurate repair cost estimation
  • Accurate device valuation for use with trade-in and buyback with reduction in overall grading variance
  • Anti-fraud and reduced risk within insurance and leasing sectors
  • Ability to offer automated self help portals for issue detection, repair and insurance claims
  • Increased convenience for end consumers who can perform an analysis of the phone condition and make-model-recognition themselves anywhere and anytime, using a mobile app.

Full Demo Available

OnTheFly  is a revolutionary development in mobile device sectors benefiting both end consumer and businesses alike.  The new technology extends Piceasoft’s current state-of art point of sale solutions to be available for anyone to use at home or on the go and is available as a trial to both new and existing Piceasoft customers.

For more information or to arrange a trial of our buyback and trade-in focused solutions, contact us to arrange a demo.

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