What is PiceaServices Online API?

This well-documented API enables a straightforward and easy implementation to develop fully customized web services based on modern technologies. PiceaServices Online API includes Verify and Diagnostics, replacing the former OnTheFly APIs.

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Why deploy the Online API?

PiceaServices Online API creates opportunities for more efficient business processes, better customer service, increased customer loyalty and new revenue generation. The Online API is a uniting interface between physical and digital channels.

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Who benefits from the Online API?

Companies operating within the mobile smart devices sector and who want to offer omnichannel services and integrate services into their current business processes. The Online API has been developed with our different customer segments in mind.

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Verify – Fast and accurate device verification

Verify automatically checks information from an end-user’s mobile device. The solution ensures the mobile device is acceptable for reuse, return or trade-in through fast and accurate make/model recognition, IMEI detection, GSMA Device Check™, iOS and Android activation lock checks, genuineness check, and presence of any media cards.

Diagnostics – Instant device condition analysis

Diagnostics helps to improve customer service by offering instant device condition evaluation. The solution offers a comprehensive set of test cases covering both mobile device software and hardware. For example, it can be used to build customer support service, trade-in, or insurance service for consumers.

Extensive Benefits

✓ The Online API combines the best of both physical and digital worlds

✓ Unified user experience for both USB connected and wireless use cases

✓ USB connection offers richer experiences, for example, automatic IMEI detection and iOS battery diagnostics

✓ Easy to use, well-documented Online API to build digital journeys to match your business flows

✓ Modern technologies allow to easily build web-based services running on any device

✓ Design unique service experience according to your own needs


Multi-sector relevance

The PiceaServices Online API allows any organization involved in mobile device lifecycle management to easily integrate services into their current business processes, such as trade-in services, device support and retail operations. Our entire customer base can benefit from Online API:

  • Telecom Operators and Carriers
  • Retailers and E-Commerce Vendors
  • Repair Companies
  • Recyclers / Refurbishers / Trade-In
  • Insurance Companies
  • Leasing Companies
  • OEMs
  • Contact Centers