Picea® History
Mobile Device Operations History

  • 1

    Improves visibility of mobile device operations.

  • 2

    Displays details of operations performed earlier to a mobile device.

PiceaServices History


  • 1Enforce and improve processes with visibility of mobile device operations

  • 2Make better-informed decisions to optimize operations

  • 3Targeted to use per workstation, production line or warehouse


  • 1Improve customer service by checking operation history to customer’s phone at point of sale

  • 2Enable store and personnel level performance management

  • 3Follow up operation activities and campaigns at the store

  • 4Targeted to use at individual stores


Improve customer service and process efficiency

Picea® History provides improved visibility of mobile device operations history. Follow up operations and campaigns at store. Improve device processing at warehouse per workstation. Make well-informed decisions based on easily accessible data.