Mobile Network Operators

  • 1Enables safe disposal, reuse or resale of mobile devices

  • 2Easy solution to erase phone in store to fully meet EU GDPR in trade-in, customer returns and loan phones

  • 3Ensures peace of mind for all counterparts

  • 4Cloud based reporting provides the full audit trail


  • 1Easily implement our ADISA-certified system in both retail and enterprise settings.

  • 2Securely erase multiple phones at once, in compliance with data protection standards like NIST, EU GDPR, and R2.

  • 3Customizable workflows for seamless integration with your processes.

  • 4Full audit trail available through cloud-based reporting.


  • 1 Before shipping devices for repair, safely erase personal data with an ADISA-certified solution and ensure compliance with NIST, EU GDPR, and R2.

  • 2Enable GDPR-compliant loan phone procedures.

  • 3Complete audit trail provided through cloud-based reporting.

100% Secure Content Eraser

Eraser enables safe disposal, reuse or resale of mobile devices by permanently erasing all sensitive user content. Up to 32 phones or tablets can be simultaneously erased.