Picea® Reporting
Web Reporting Tool for Business Analytics

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    Real-time phone market information to phone manufacturers, operators and other mobile phone vendors.

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    Web reporting tool for business analytics.

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    Fast, reliable, comprehensive information on, for example, the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

PiceaServices Web Reporting Tool


  • 1Easy integration to the own ERP/CRM system

  • 2Download reports from the cloud anytime

  • 3Full audit trail


  • 1Download reports from the cloud anytime

  • 2Provide confidence for customers by having all the details available

  • 3Full audit trail


Improved Customer Satisfaction & Retention

Our web reporting tool that shows real-time statistics on store and company levels as well as detailed device information. It can be used for sales monitoring, business followup, optimizing preorders, or planning marketing campaigns.