Picea® Trade-In
Device Trade-in Solution

  • 1

    Accurate trade-in value for pre-owned devices.

  • 2

    Can be deployed to operator and retailer stores.

  • 3

    Improved trade-in process efficiency, both in store and in warehouse.

  • 4

    Resell trade-in devices faster.

  • 5

    Verified against GSMA Device Check™.

PiceaServices Device Trade-In


  • 1Improve trade-in process efficiency, both in store and in warehouse

  • 2Be certain that devices are diagnosed and device locks are removed already in store

  • 3Understand better the condition of traded devices before devices are received at the warehouse

  • 4Re-sell traded devices faster


Accurate trade-in value

PiceaServices Trade-In provides accurate and fair trade-in value for pre-owned mobile devices. The trade-in value is assigned by recognising device make and model, verifying the device is ready for reuse and analysing the device condition.