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Lifecycle Services

Manage mobile device lifecycle with scalable, easy-to-use, and trustworthy software solutions. Offer services for your customers from data transfer to device diagnostics, data erasing, trade-in, and recycling.

For the mobile device ecosystem

Mobile operator, retail, trade-in, insurance, repair, or recycling company can create new revenue, cost savings, and improve the customer experience and loyalty with our solutions.

trusted partner

From a trusted partner

We deliver on our promise. We are known for continuous innovation, high customer satisfaction and superior customer service. Over 1000 customers around the world trust us year after year.

Offer services with a unified experience across channels and let consumers choose their preferred touchpoint. Connect your teams with the omnichannel software platform for better transparency, efficiency, and value.

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Picea® Services scale up according to your business needs and channels. Our software supports all major device models and mobile operating systems and is easy to integrate into your systems.


Easy to use

Provide consistent user experience with our solutions. Our intuitive and user-friendly software solutions are easy to install, quick to learn and take into use.



We aim at the highest quality and continuous improvement in everything we do and are certified according to the international standards of information security and data privacy.


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