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Enhancing service experiences with a troubleshooting assistant in consumer’s pocket: The value of self-support for mobile devices

Mobile devices are integral to consumers’ lives, keeping them connected, informed, and entertained. But what happens when issues arise?

Self-support options can make a big difference. Positive self-service experiences are crucial to customer satisfaction, allowing consumers to resolve issues independently. Efficient self-services help mobile network operators enhance customer satisfaction and create new revenue opportunities by offering add-on services and promotions.

Transform your customer experience with PiceaOnline mobile self-service

Picea® Online is an all-in-one platform for businesses to provide mobile device users with trade-in, support, and repair services across mobile, e-commerce, and retail channels. The platform empowers mobile network operators to offer mobile device self-support and promote add-on services based on the consumer’s device condition.

Here’s how PiceaOnline can enhance your self-support service offerings and provide a competitive edge.

Tailored services for specific device issues

Operators can offer personalized services by addressing the specific device issues experienced by consumers. This approach enhances the customer experience and fosters loyalty and satisfaction. By leveraging AI-driven solutions, operators can assist consumers in resolving device issues efficiently, reducing the need for in-person support and mitigating NFF (No Fault Found) cases.

AI-based solutions with add-on service promotions

The platform utilizes Piceasoft’s technology and AI to diagnose device problems and recommend resolutions. This capability ensures that consumers swiftly receive accurate solutions, enhancing their overall experience. Furthermore, users can be provided with repair and trade-in offers and promotions for additional services or accessories, turning a support interaction into an opportunity for upselling and cross-selling.

How PiceaOnline works for operators

Seamless workflow configuration

Business managers can effortlessly create workflows and configure self-support services using the PiceaOnline Configuration tool. With 24/7 access to the tool, this configuration enables a streamlined and customized consumer support experience.

Multichannel consumer engagement

Operators can distribute service links or QR codes through various channels, such as the company website, in-store posters/displays, emails, and other marketing materials. This multichannel approach ensures broad reach and convenient access for consumers to engage with the support service.

Comprehensive data visibility

PiceaOnline provides complete business data visibility through its dashboard, allowing operators to track consumer behavior and gain valuable insights. This data-driven approach helps refine support services and identify new engagement and revenue generation opportunities.

How PiceaOnline works for consumers

Easy Service Initiation

Consumers can initiate the service using their mobile devices by clicking a link or scanning a QR code. The process is user-friendly and designed to guide them step-by-step.

Device analysis and AI-based recommendations

Once initiated, the service performs device condition analysis based on the consumer’s issues. The AI then recommends the best possible solutions to resolve the issue.

Repair and trade-in offers and other promotions

Beyond troubleshooting, PiceaOnline enables the offering of repair and trade-in options and the promotion of relevant services and accessories. Consumers can also be guided to the nearest store for further assistance, ensuring a seamless support experience.

Benefits for mobile network operators

Enhanced customer experience

PiceaOnline provides immediate access to support, significantly improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. By addressing device issues promptly, operators can ensure a positive experience that encourages repeat business.

Cost savings and efficiency

The PiceaOnline platform helps reduce support costs and mitigate “No Fault Found” (NFF) instances, optimizing resources and improving operational efficiency.

Upselling opportunities

Self-support interactions present a valuable opportunity to upsell mobile device subscriptions, products, and services. By recommending relevant add-ons and upgrades, operators can increase their revenue streams.

Differentiation and competitive advantage

Offering comprehensive self-support capabilities sets operators apart in a crowded market. PiceaOnline helps build a unique value proposition to attract and retain customers.

Brand reputation and trust

Providing excellent customer support through PiceaOnline builds reliability and credibility. A reputation for outstanding service fosters trust and long-term relationships with customers.

Extended customer lifetime value

By fostering long-term relationships, operators can maximize customer value and ensure ongoing engagement and loyalty.

Contribution to sustainability goals

By leveraging PiceaOnline, mobile operators can support their sustainability objectives by extending device lifecycles and helping reduce e-waste. This alignment with environmental goals can enhance the operator’s corporate responsibility profile.

To find out more, fill in the Demo Request Form to contact us and discuss how the PiceaOnline platform can elevate your self-service offerings and exceed consumer expectations.


About Piceasoft

Located in Tampere, Finland, and founded in 2012, Piceasoft creates new business opportunities within the mobile device circular economy. Our ever-expanding platform and ecosystem powers companies at all levels to offer mobile device trade-in, support, repair, and recycling services. Working with customers and partners in over 70 countries, our platform provides a single solution for businesses to introduce new services and revenue streams while reducing e-waste and promoting sustainability.