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How Mobile Device Trade-in Companies Benefit From Working With Piceasoft

There are 55 million phones in the UK hidden away in drawers when they could be recycled or refurbished and sold back to the second-hand market. According to Elkjøp (electronics retail company), there is an average of 2.3 unused mobile devices per household in the Nordics. These devices mean an untapped opportunity for companies involved in mobile device trade-in business.

Piceasoft provides solutions for businesses to efficiently run trade-in programs and innovative campaign tools to attract consumers to trade in their devices. Operators and retailers can run trade-in and buyback programs to create new revenue streams, drive customer acquisition efficiently and increase customer retention. Consumers can offset the cost of a new device and get value out of their unused phones by trading in these devices for a newer model, or even for a refurbished device.

But what’s in it for trade-in vendors who buy the traded devices in bulk to refurbish and sell them back to the second-hand market?

Wider reach for device trade-ins supply

Piceasoft has a strong market position in operator and consumer electronic channels. Whether trade-in programs are being offered on mobile, in-store, or online,  Picea® Services omnichannel solutions provide automatic device detection (MMR), condition analysis for accurate device grading, and detection of any harmful accounts and locks. The trade-in value can be offered seamlessly against the verified device model and condition.

Consumer reach can be further expanded with Picea® Mobile, which can be used to quickly launch direct-to-consumer campaigns and attract them to preferred touchpoints to trade in their devices. The better reach you have to mobile device consumers, the more likely you are to increase awareness and drive them to trade in devices, increase trade-in device supply and capture the revenue opportunities.

Piceasoft’s existing market position and customer base combined with its omnichannel trade-in offering make it compelling also for the trade-in vendors to connect to Piceasoft’s trade-in business ecosystem. By integrating trade-in device inventory and a pricing catalog into the Piceasoft platform via Trade-In API, trade-in vendors can leverage Piceasoft’s customer base to expand their current business.

Guaranteed trade-in price promise drives device exchange

Consumers value an easy, trusted and convenient experience with a guaranteed trade-in price and transparency to the device exchange process. No matter where the trade-in is started, using Piceasoft’s omnichannel solutions the trade-in value can be fetched directly from the trade-in vendor’s pricing catalog.

The trade-in price can be further validated with fully configurable device condition tests. Piceasoft enables trade-in vendors to define which diagnostics test cases to run for the traded devices. Objective and automatic device diagnostics ensure the trade-in value assigned for a used mobile device is accurate. This lowers the grading variance and ensures the best trade-in value also for the consumer. When a consumer is guaranteed the best price for the traded device, it encourages them to complete the trade-in transaction. More completed trade-in transactions lead to more traded devices and more sustainable business development.

When the Trade-In API has been deployed, the trade-in vendors can also get a real-time view of the trade-in transactions and device condition reports once the trade-in deal has been accepted by the consumer. With full transparency to the incoming trade-ins, the devices can be resold faster and even before the devices have arrived at the warehouse. Also, required spare parts for refurbishing can be ordered just on time.

Several global trade-in vendors have already integrated their pricing catalog into Piceasoft’s platform. This offers operators and mobile retailers a quick way to get started with trade-in business. Operators and retail stores can also leverage these pre-integrated trade-in vendors as their trade-in and recycling partners. For trade-in vendors, this means access to new devices, markets, and channels.

With Piceasoft, trade-in vendors can get a new way to expand their market reach, reach customers outside of their current customer base and get access to a wider trade-in device supply.

If your company is interested in being part of the Piceasoft trade-in business ecosystem, contact us at for more information.

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