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iOS device diagnostics in PiceaServices Volume just got faster

Companies processing a large number of mobile devices look for operational efficiency and ease of use. Picea® Services Volume is specifically designed to handle multiple devices simultaneously and to streamline the process. The solution helps to save time and effort by providing make-model recognition, device diagnostics, and secure content wipe in one single user flow.

When it comes to optimizing the device handling process, every step that can be automated counts. That’s why we continuously develop and introduce new features to PiceaVolume to improve performance and help operators to handle more devices in less time.

Automatic iOS app trust authentication
Our latest addition in PiceaVolume is Automatic iOS app trust authentication. The purpose of the Automatic iOS app trust authentication in Picea® Services Volume is to reduce the time required for processing large quantities of iPhones or iPads and make the operator’s job easier and more efficient while it comes to iOS devices diagnostics. This feature reduces several manual steps and speeds up the process for iOS devices when the condition of the devices is analyzed with PiceaVolume.

When an iOS device is connected to PiceaServices Volume, the PiceaOne app is installed on the device. Previously Volume operator had to manually trust the PiceaOne app on each device. With Automatic iOS app trust authentication, this step becomes unnecessary, which helps to save time, diagnose iOS devices faster, and increase productivity.

Automatic iOS app trust authentication is an optional feature in PiceaServices Volume and requires enrollment in Apple Business Manager.

Existing PiceaVolume customers interested in deploying the Automatic iOS app trust authentication can contact their local Piceasoft representatives or

New Piceasoft customers interested in the PiceaVolume solution can request to try out the solution for free by filling in the trial request form. Enrollment in Apple Business Manager is required before taking the Automatic iOS app trust authentication in use.

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