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Get to know Patrick Souhait, Piceasoft Country Manager for France

We are excited to introduce Patrick Souhait, Piceasoft Country Manager for France who has successfully led Piceasoft sales in France since 2017. Patrick has many years of experience in software business and sales. Today he is responsible for leading and developing Piceasoft’s sales and customer support locally in his region. We had a conversation with Patrick to learn more about him and his customer-oriented way of working.

Q: Tell us a bit about your background and what brought you to Piceasoft?

My career has evolved in seven-year intervals. I started as a consultant in an organization specializing in information systems and quickly learned that customers were not only interested in getting the right software, but how they could improve their business processes and profitability.

For the next seven years, I was responsible for empowering the sales teams of pharmaceutical companies. After that, I worked at SAP for another seven years as a Commercial Manager for the financial services sector. Then I founded three different companies in the area of connected mobility. These experiences reinforced me to focus on long-term gains for my customers and product lifetime value.

What eventually brought me to Piceasoft, and what I specifically like about the company, is the team who wants to listen to their customers and is willing to go that extra mile when needed. I am passionate about my customers and their success. It is important for me to work with a team that shares my personal values.

Q: You are known as a very customer-oriented person. Tell us more about your sales approach.

My sales approach is guided by a set of principles like honesty, loyalty, consistency, and willingness to understand my customers. My focus is not just to sell software but to find the right solution for their real business need. At first, I always want to understand the specific problem that my customer is experiencing.

Once I understand customer’s needs, their business model, and processes I am in a better position to propose them the best solution. It is also important to stay constantly connected with my customers, follow up with their activities, and understand their position on the market related to competition. In the end, it is all about building trusted long-term relationships.

Q: How does the used mobile phone market look like in France?

It is the most exciting time to be in this business. The market of used phones is growing, and market dynamics are rapidly evolving. For example, start-ups are trying to find their position on the market, insurance companies are developing new offerings for customers, and most importantly, many mass retailers are entering the market. There are many different business models to buy back used devices and deliver related services, so there are plenty of opportunities.

Q: How do you like to spend your time when you are not in the office?

I spend my business hours in large cities. Therefore, soon after the office hours, I like to go to the French countryside where I have a house in a small village. There I can disconnect from the busy city life, listen to the silence, and just enjoy the simplicity of the outdoors and nature.

To get in contact with Patrick, connect with him on LinkedIn, or drop an email to patrick.souhait (at)

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