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Piceasoft delivers new features to further improve in-store customer experience

PiceaServices 4.3

Piceasoft, the Europe’s leading provider of mobile device lifecycle software solutions, introduces the latest PiceaServices 4.3 that boost significantly erasing speed and performance for iOS devices. PiceaServices Volume and Diagnostics 4.3 include several improvements to battery diagnostics and new diagnostics test cases for more complete analysis of the device. The new release also enables better customer service in retail stores as PiceaSwitch now supports transferring of apps between iOS devices.

PiceaServices Volume and PiceaServices Eraser 4.3 include a new quick erasing method, Cryptographic sanitization – OS reset, which allows iOS device erasing in less than one minute. This new erasing method significantly speeds customer processes for PiceaServices Volume users in recycling hubs as it is possible to erase over 500 iOS devices per hour with one PC.

Similarly, point of sale customers can now offer faster service to their end-users and erase iOS mobile device data in-store within a minute with PiceaEraser. The same applies to Android devices with Android 7 or later operating system versions by using Cryptographic sanitization method. This also makes trade-in process more efficient as the old devices can be erased faster complying the EU GDPR.

PiceaServices 4.3 features also several enhancements to the battery diagnostics ensuring more detailed validation of device battery condition. For Samsung Android devices providing detailed battery information, battery evaluation chart is immediately and automatically generated. Battery evaluation chart for iOS and Samsung Android devices is available in PiceaServices Diagnostics and Volume as well as on the Piceasoft Reporting website.

The latest release helps retail stores to deliver more convenient service experience to their customers. PiceaServices Switch, the state-of-the-art content transfer solution on the market, now supports transferring of apps between iOS devices. After the content transfer is finished, apps are automatically downloaded from the Apple App Store to the target iOS device. This significantly improves the end-user experience as applications are immediately available on the new iOS device.

PiceaServices 4.3 delivers other significant improvements to existing portfolio of device lifecycle solutions, such as new diagnostics test cases. In addition, PiceaServices Diagnostics now supports devices diagnostics history making PiceaServices even more efficient and easier to use.

”We are always looking to introduce more efficiency into business processes and offer new features, so our customers can get more done in less time and deliver excellent customer service. Now our in-store customers can offer safe erasing of device data in less than a minute,” says Samuli Ylinen, Product Director at Piceasoft.

Existing customers get the new release as an update. New customers can request trial from Piceasoft website.

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