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Piceasoft introduces new API to power customers’ omnichannel web services

In the mobile device industry, ecosystem players such as operators and retailers are building their sales, support, logistics, and marketing strategies extensively around the omnichannel approach. This aims at providing the same integrated experience and services in physical stores, online and mobile channels and let consumers choose their preferred channel for their mobile device lifecycle services.

To boost customers’ business opportunities and growth, Piceasoft complements its omnichannel offering with the new API interface, Picea® Services Online API. The new API, including Verify and Diagnostics, offers enhanced convenience for Piceasoft customers to create services that combine the capabilities of both physical and digital worlds and enable the consistent user experience and service flow for mobile device lifecycle services across channels such as retail stores, home, and care points.

Levering the new Online API, Piceasoft customers can unlock the following benefits:

  • Design unique, customer-centric service experiences according to their own needs.
  • Create fully customized service flows.
  • Offer consistent user experience for both USB connected and wireless use cases and all service flows across channels, such as retail stores, home, and service points.
  • Use USB connection for richer user experiences. USB connectivity provides all diagnostics test cases, such as automatic IMEI detection and iOS battery diagnostics.
  • The well-documented API allows customers to easily develop web services based on modern technologies which can be run on any device (PC and tablets).

“The new Online API is an important building block to Piceasoft’s extensive Omnichannel offering and is built to leverage our strong market position at the point of sales. Consumer’s lifetime value tends to be higher for businesses with smart omnichannel strategy and omnichannel offering. We want to make sure that our existing and new customers can easily innovate, create and deploy customized omnichannel services in the fast-changing marketplace. Key is to match to their own unique needs while tapping into the full potential of the omnichannel business opportunities”, says Mikko Pyykkö, Chief Commercial Officer at Piceasoft.

Piceasoft provides developer-friendly API documentation for quick and straightforward implementation. Customers without development resources can leverage Piceasoft partner ecosystem to build their services. These top-tier software development partners can accelerate the creation of new services and bring development projects quickly to life.

The new Online API enhances and replaces the former OnTheFly APIs and complements the other existing PiceaServices APIs, such as PiceaReporting API and Trade-In API.

To discuss more on how your business could benefit from the PiceaServices Online API, contact us to arrange a demo at

For further information please contact:
Mikko Pyykkö, CCO
Mobile: +358 50 356 3110

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About Piceasoft Ltd
Piceasoft is a Finnish company, located in Tampere. Since it was founded in 2012, Piceasoft has created a unique set of software solutions to cover the whole lifecycle of mobile devices. These solutions create new business opportunities and enable a cost-efficient service for mobile operators and retail chains. Our innovative products are disrupting mobile device buyback, repair and recycling business. Our software products are easy to use and offer added value to the end-user, which means better ROI and user satisfaction. In short, we promise to Simplify Your Mobile Life.