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Piceasoft signs an Online technology agreement with Alternativ Data: Most of the 8-12 million obsolete mobile phones in Norwegian homes can be recycled by consumers themselves

Sanitization and switching phones used to be tasks for professionals or for those with extensive technical knowledge. With the new service called Cellfie consumers can perform the following tasks by themselves:

• Have content removed permanently and receive a certificate for a successful secure-erase. Cellfie Slett (Erase) is particularly important to companies due to new legislation on personal data. The latest edition of the operating system is installed on the wiped device.

• Cellfie Overfør (Switch) is a quick and hassle-free way for mobile phone content transfer from an old to a new phone. Service allows cross-operating systems (Android/iOS/Windows) content transfer.

Later, Alternativ Data will include additional services to Cellfie, including a useful diagnostic tool for cell phones.

“We firmly believe there is a need for a user friendly service for everyone to perform advanced tasks on their phones. Also, a mobile device represents a valuable resource, whether it is passed on to family members, gets resold, or is delivered to an environmentally friendly recycling system,” says Lene Zachariassen, Head of Security at AD, the company behind Cellfie.

About Piceasoft Ltd
Piceasoft is an innovative and agile software company developing products to simplify people’s mobile life, established in 2012. Company provides computer and Cloud solutions for retail and consumers: PiceaSwitch™ allows transferring all personal data from old to new phone as well as backup/restore; with PiceaDiagnostics™ service centers and repair shops can save money by finding No-Fault-Found (NFF) causes on the spot as well as estimate the value of phone for recycling; PiceaEraser™ is a software product that enables safe disposal, reuse or resale of mobile devices by permanently erasing all the sensitive user and system data; PiceaVerify™ checks that the device is acceptable for resale/service: Are Anti-Theft locks (de)activated; Is phone stolen; Are SIM card and Memory Card inserted?