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How To Drive More Consumers Into Your Retail Store To Trade In Their Devices?

Mobile device trade-in programs are getting more popular. Trade-in programs offer an opportunity for operators and retailers to create new revenue streams. Consumers in turn can offset the cost of a new device by trading in their old device.

Everyone benefits, but how do you increase high-value footfall into your store and drive more consumers to trade in their devices?

Piceasoft has developed a compelling solution that extends your reach for mobile device trade-in offers beyond the point-of-sale. Picea® Services Mobile enables operators, retailers, and trade-in companies to quickly implement and easily promote mobile device trade-in offers directly to consumers. Consumers can initiate the trade-in service anytime and anywhere while still having mobile devices in their hands.

Easily create your trade-in offer

Imagine a retail store running programs for mobile device trade-ins at the point of sale. The retailer uses Picea® Services Mobile which includes a web-based Product Management Console (PMC) to create branded trade-in campaigns in just a few minutes.

Using the PMC portal, the retailer can easily select which phone identification methods and device diagnostics tests are performed on the consumer’s mobile device. The solution supports full customization and branding of the whole mobile experience. It is also possible to inquire about the consumer’s mobile phone number, email address and marketing consent as part of the user flow for future marketing campaigns.

Once the trade-in campaign is created, the service generates a link or QR code to promote the trade-in offer anywhere in the retailer’s marketing channels for consumers to initiate the service.

Product management console

Reach consumers anywhere with your trade-in campaign

When a consumer spots the retailer’s advert and scans the QR code, the device is automatically identified, and the initial trade-in offer is shown to the user. The consumer can be asked to run relevant test cases such as screen and button tests to analyse the device condition.

After a quick analysis of the device, the final trade-in offer is shown to the consumer. When the trade-in offer is based on the confirmed device condition, the user is provided with an accurate value for the device. The variance in device valuation is further eliminated when the final trade-in price is fetched directly from the trade-in vendors’ catalogue.

To make it even more compelling, the consumer can be shown an additional offer in the mobile to exchange the old device for a specific campaign device model. This can attract the consumers to change a device model to a specific brand that they wouldn’t have previously even considered.

The retailer also wants to make it easy for the consumer to bring their phone to the store for trade-in. The location and directions to the retailer’s nearest store can be shown to the consumer at the end of the mobile experience. This is likely to drive more customers into the point of sale. More visitors in-store means more opportunities for upselling and customer engagement, which in turn can lead to higher revenues and increased customer satisfaction.

To drive even higher engagement, the consumer can be sent their device diagnostics report or trade-in offer over email. With our email template editor and PDF customization tools, the retailer can ensure their customers will know how to proceed even if they choose not to take the trade-in offer immediately.

Complete the trade-in transaction in-store

Picea® Services Trade-In solution is designed to make it easy and convenient for the retail store personnel to complete the device trade-in for the consumer. Once in the retail store, the salesperson uses the PiceaServices Trade-In application and can continue where the consumer completed the mobile service. When required, additional device diagnostics tests can be run on the device to verify its condition.

In case there is a campaign for customers to trade into a specific device model, the relevant information is also shown for the sales associate in the PiceaServices Trade-In UI making it easy to offer the best possible trade-in device option for the consumer. Once the trade-in offer is accepted by the consumer, the device trade-in transaction can be finalised.

Offer value-added services and increase customer satisfaction

To offer a complete trade-in experience for customers, Picea® Services point-of-sale applications can be used to provide additional value-add services.

PiceaServices applications can be used to transfer consumer data from the old device to a new one, ensure all user accounts and locks are removed from the old device and securely erase the content from the old device. When the accounts are already removed in-store, it is also easier to process the devices in the recycling facility.

To ensure complete peace of mind for the consumer, the retailer can also generate a report to the consumer that the data on the old device is permanently and securely erased before the device is handed off for recycling or reselling.

As a retailer, you can easily set yourself apart from the competition with PiceaServices Mobile, drive consumers to trade in their devices and increase visits to your store. With the PiceaServices point-of-sale solutions you can offer a smooth service, and increase revenue, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

To discuss more on how to provide the best value for your business with Piceasoft’s solutions, fill in the demo request form to connect with us.


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