What is OnTheFly?

Picea® Services OnTheFly offering provides contact centers simple to use tools to remotely run mobile phone diagnostics and solve problems quickly while boosting customer engagement and satisfaction.

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Benefits for Contact Centers

Our Verify OTF and Diagnostics OTF services can be used to offer instant full diagnostics without the need to take the device away from the end user.

  • Remote diagnostics of a device in the event of problems through contact center or self-help portals
  • Accurate phone diagnosis and detailed real-time reporting
  • Immediate and relevant issue resolutions based on manufacturer model and detected problems
  • Fast problem resolution and quick ticket closing
  • Ability to service multiple customers at the same time
  • Convenience of online services and reduced time for customers without their handsets
  • Improved customer service and higher customer satisfaction
  • Efficient problem analysis based on accurate diagnostics and AI


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