What is PiceaServices Mobile?

PiceaMobile enables rapid implementation of service or campaign for a phone health check, trade-in, or insurance. This service enables to attract consumers to initiate service anytime and anywhere.

How does it work?

Customers can create branded services or campaigns for consumers in just a few minutes. They can select a phone identification method and device diagnostics tests and customize their service with texts and branding.

Benefits of PiceaServices Mobile

  • Strengthen your omnichannel offering by providing an easy-to-use mobile experience for your consumers
  • Deliver a unified experience across the channels
  • Quick to deploy
  • The perfect tool to easily test market opportunity for new services
  • Promote the service link or QR code anywhere in your marketing campaigns (e.g. online advertising, newspapers, email, or social media)
  • Drive more visitors to your store or e-commerce site
  • Boost consumer loyalty and new revenue opportunities
  • Automated screen grading using AI


How to get started?

Step 1: Request a demo from Piceasoft for PiceaServices Mobile.

Step 2: Ask for an offer and try it yourself. Plan the campaign and consumer touchpoints where to promote your service (website, social media, etc).

Step 3: Create a campaign using easy-to-use product management toolset.

Step 4: Follow-up results from PiceaReporting.

Step 5: Plan and optimize your next campaign.

Full Demo Available

If you are interested in extending your mobile device lifecycle solutions with PiceaServices Mobile, Request a demo and indicate your interest in PiceaMobile in the open text field.