Point of sale

Do you want to increase revenue or save costs in physical retail or care points?

With Picea® Services you can automatically detect mobile device details, transfer data, analyze device condition, manage trade-in, and erase data.

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Do you want to drive more consumers to your e-commerce site or point-of-sale?

Picea® Mobile provides a quick and easy way to create campaigns for a mobile device health check, trade-in, or insurance.

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Online services

Do you want to enhance user experience in your web services?

Well-documented Picea® Online API enables to design unique service experience for trade-in, mobile support, or insurance.

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Increase revenue and customer satisfaction with PiceaServices

Picea® Services offer mobile device data transfer, device diagnostics, trade-in, and mobile data erasure for mobile operators, retail, and service points.

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Piceasoft Mobile Device lifecycle management software omnichannel solution service wheel

Boost your business with PiceaServices Mobile

Provide an easy-to-use mobile experience of your service with Picea® Services Mobile. Create campaigns quickly and easily to attract consumers to your service and increase revenue opportunities for your business.

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PiceaService Mobile

Power your omnichannel web services

Leverage the Picea® Services Online API to create unique web services for your mobile device lifecycle services to meet your own business needs. Provide consistent user experience for both USB connected and wireless use cases and all service flows across channels, such as retail stores, home, and service points.

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