Picea® Diagnostics
Comprehensive Mobile Device Diagnostics

  • 1

    Fast and simple diagnostics process.

  • 2

    Identify phone SW and HW issues.

  • 3

    Extensive repair functions for apps and content management.

  • 4

    Full audit trail to verify and prove proper device handling.

  • 5

    Helps to avoid No Fault Found (NFF) returns and unnecessary repair centre deliveries.

  • 6

    No locked or stolen phones in your buyback pipeline.

  • 7

    Automatic screen grading using AI.

Mobile Device Diagnostics


  • 1Fast and easy diagnostics can be carried out in multichannel to avoid intaking faulty phones (NFF)

  • 2Have confidence in the phone's full functionality during the resell

  • 3Provide more confidence to the customers


  • 1Fast and easy diagnostics to confirming the needed repairs

  • 2Reporting history provides confidence that the phone is fully functioning after the repair


  • 1Avoid No Fault Found NFF

  • 2Solve phone issues quickly and increase customer satisfaction, avoiding unnecessary service breaks

  • 3Cost savings when the potential issues can be solved without repair


Comprehensive Diagnostics

Diagnostics provides automatic and extensive mobile device testing, including device grading with minimum human interaction. It features fully automated, user-assisted test cases, and software analysis within 2-3 minutes per device. Diagnostics helps retail stores avoid No Fault Found returns and unnecessary repair center deliveries.

Device Diagnostics can be enhanced with

AI-powered solutions.