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How Trade-In Vendors & Recyclers Can Benefit From Identifying Mobile Devices Targeted For Specific Operators

Mobile device trade-in vendors and recyclers handling a large number of used mobile devices look for efficiency and performance in their operations. But also, the best possible resale value for the processed devices.

That’s why we have added the capability to identify devices targeted for original region and specific operators. Our Picea® Services solutions can detect operator variants of Samsung, Huawei, and Apple devices. This feature is particularly useful for mobile device recyclers and trade-in vendors who process multiple devices using Picea® Volume.

Picea® Volume provides make-model recognition, device diagnostics, and secure content wiping in one single user flow. Once the device is connected to PiceaVolume the operator variant can be immediately identified as part of the make and model recognition.

PiceaServices Volume

Based on the identified operator variant the technician processing the devices can choose what they will do next, which operations are performed for the device or if the devices are just to be put aside for later actions. This saves time for the technician and makes the device processing more efficient.

When the trade-in vendor can identify the operator to whom the software variant is customized, they can also offer to resell the devices back to the same operator and get a better trade-in value. This is because the devices with operator-specific software often come with applications that are specific for certain operators only. Better resell prices result in higher revenues.

This increases productivity, makes device processing more efficient and ensures better reselling prices for refurbished devices.

Businesses interested in benefiting from PiceaServices Volume, fill in the form to request a free trial.

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