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Driving customer satisfaction with mobile device data transfer in retail stores

The retail industry has evolved a lot during the past decades and has increasingly focused on serving consumers whenever and wherever they are. While offering omnichannel experiences is more important than ever, the clear advantage of serving customers in stores is to engage with consumers directly. Great customer service boosts customer loyalty and is of the utmost importance when it comes to growing a business. Happy customers are more likely to be loyal to the brand and keep coming back.

Delighting the mobile device consumer

We all have a lot of important information on our smartphones and want to keep it when upgrading to a new device. Therefore, transferring data to a new device is essential. While there are apps to transfer content from an old phone to a new phone, there are also limitations when the content needs to be transferred across device platforms.

Many consumers do not know how to transfer the content and even if they do, they may find it difficult or time-consuming. For mobile device retailers, this means an opportunity to offer value-added services for their mobile device customers. They can offer personalized customer service and minimize disruption in consumers’ busy lives.

As we discussed in our article about the benefit of phone data transfer for businesses, a retailer can make additional revenue by offering the phone to phone content transfer as a service.

Adding value with PiceaServices Switch

That is why we keep constantly improving our state-of-the-art content transfer solution  Picea® Services Switch.  It enables retailers to create an excellent service experience for their customers and improve customer loyalty. PiceaSwitch allows smooth and fast transfer of all personal content between, and across, all major phone platforms. Retail personnel using the Switch can benefit from the same user experience for every device regardless of the OS, making the software easy to use and learn.

With PiceaSwitch sales personnel can help consumers with the device out of box readiness and take the new mobile device immediately into use. The easy-to-use and intuitive user interface of the software offers different content transfer methods ensuring the optimal transfer speed in each case.

The cross-platform content transfer solution comes in one package and supports all platforms including iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and feature phones such as Nokia. You can transfer contacts, calendar, messages, videos, photos, bookmarks, documents, call logs, and apps​. The PiceaSwitch supports backup to a USB memory stick or PC hard drive or network drive.

More accurate time estimations for the data transfer

The latest improvements in PiceaSwitch will further enhance customer service. The user interface shows more accurate time estimations on how long the data transfer is expected to take. Default messaging app selection to transfer messages to Android 10 and newer devices is now done at the beginning of the user flow to improve and speed up the content transfer experience.

Whether the data transfer is done behind the counter or in the backroom of the point of sale, knowing the expected duration of the content switch helps to set the right expectations also for the consumer and improve customer service. Piceasoft systematically collects data on the length of content transfer operations done with PiceaSwitch, which will lead to even more accurate time estimations in the future. Time estimations are powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Retail companies that would like to delight their customers with mobile device content transfer services and find an additional source of revenue, can try our products themselves. We offer a fully functional trial for free. Contact us by filling in a trial request form on our website.

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