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Elkjøp, the largest phone retailer in Nordic countries, starts using PiceaSwitch and PiceaDiagnostics in all retail shops

Piceasoft has signed an agreement with Elkjøp for PiceaSwitch and PiceaDiagnostics. Elkjøp, operating under its own name in Norway, as Elgiganten in Sweden and Denmark and as Gigantti in Finland, is the largest consumer electronics retailer with over 400 stores in six Nordic countries.

“Results of extensive and rigorous testing in real shop environment were convincing when it comes to both efficiency and reliability,” said Ove Lyngøy, Development Manager – Commercial Services at Elkjøp Nordic.

About Piceasoft Ltd
Piceasoft is an innovative and agile software company developing products to simplify people’s mobile life, established in 2012. Company provides computer and Cloud solutions for retail and consumers: PiceaSwitch™ allows transferring all personal data from old to new phone as well as backup/restore; with PiceaDiagnostics™ service centers and repair shops can save money by finding No-Fault-Found (NFF) causes on the spot as well as estimate the value of phone for recycling; PiceaEraser™ is a software product that enables safe disposal, reuse or resale of mobile devices by permanently erasing all the sensitive user and system data; PiceaVerify™ checks whether a device is acceptable for resale/service: are Anti-Theft locks (de)activated; is phone stolen; are SIM card and Memory Card inserted.