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Faster iOS device diagnostics with TrueDepth camera test case

Once consumer hands off the mobile device for reuse, repair, or reselling purposes, one of the first steps is to check if the device is working properly. There are numerous use cases when the device condition needs to be analysed.

For example, consumers may want to check issues of the mobile device remotely at home and get suggestions on how to fix them. A retail salesperson needs to analyse device condition to offer an accurate trade-in value to a consumer at the point of sale. When a consumer has issues with a phone and takes it to repair, the service technician wants to analyse the device issues and avoid NFF. In a warehouse environment, an operator is looking for a quick and easy way to analyse a large number of mobile devices for possible faults.

Piceasoft constantly improves and adds new capabilities to Picea® Services omnichannel solutions to analyse the condition of mobile devices. TrueDepth camera test case in iOS devices is one of them.

Consumers use Face ID to authenticate themselves and to unlock their iPhones or iPads. TrueDepth camera is available in the latest iPhone and iPad models and is used for example in Face ID authentication and 3D mapping of face for emojis generation.

While testing the functionality of the TrueDepth camera is important in all use cases listed above, it is useful specifically in a warehouse environment where multiple iOS devices can be processed at the same time with Picea® Services Volume. In this scenario, it is much easier for operators to check TrueDepth camera functionality instead of testing the Face ID.

This is because when mobile devices are being processed at the warehouse, the devices usually don’t have any user accounts, which are required for Face ID testing. Therefore, testing the TrueDepth camera significantly improves the testing process and its efficiency.

“This is a great addition to PiceaServices Volume. Having TrueDepth camera diagnostics test case has significantly improved our efficiency and makes our operators job a lot easier”, says Ando Ling, Process Manager at Foxway Group.

Like all device testing results in PiceaServices, the TrueDepth diagnostics test case is also stored in the Reporting database and test case results are visible on the PiceaReporting website or through the Reporting API.

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