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Increase customer satisfaction and contact center efficiency with remote phone diagnostics

According to numerous studies, the average person uses their phone for hours in a day. If their phone is not functioning well, consumers have to return it to Repair Centers for days. Consumers want to get fast resolutions to their problems, and typically first seek help from Contact Centers via the online chat or phone call. In these cases, it is important that Contact Center agents can analyze the consumer’s issue and provide a fast resolution.

Imagine this. When a consumer has a problem with their phone and contacts a Contact Center via chat, email or phone, a Contact Center agent sends a link to the consumer via chat or email to start phone diagnosis. Once diagnostics tests are done, the Contact Center gets diagnostics results in real time and gives troubleshooting instructions to guide the consumer to the next steps. The consumer will get a report on the diagnostics results and the Contact Center can also store the results to their systems.

Piceasoft remote diagnostics can help contact centers to analyze phone issues and instruct consumers on the next steps. Piceasoft diagnostics solution, already in use in hundreds of point-of-sales and walk-in repair centers around a world, also fits well for Contact Center use cases.

”When I was leading Customer Care functions we often got feedback from the consumers that they would like to solve their phone problems fast using online channels, because they did not have time to return phones to physical care centers. If consumers returned their phone to a repair center it happened often that there was not actually any faults, but phone just had old SW version, issues with the settings or memory was full. Unnecessary returns could be avoided by using proper diagnostics and troubleshooting instructions”, explained Pia Kantola, Piceasoft CEO.

Remote diagnostics is providing benefits for consumers, contact center agents and phone manufacturers or operators. Consumers will get better customer service, faster problem resolution and reduced time without their handsets. A Contact Center can close the support tickets faster and serve multiple customers simultaneously. An operator or phone manufacturer can increase customer satisfaction and reduce care costs.

“Piceasoft has strong competences in mobile technologies and we are continuously enhancing test cases and adding more intelligence to the phone diagnostics application. Test coverage is wide, and application is easy to use for both the consumer and Contact Center agent”, Jani Väänänen, Piceasoft CTO explains.

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