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Q&A with Piceasoft ICT & Security Director Marko Stålhammar about our ISO 27001 certificate

Piceasoft is known as a company that takes information security and data privacy seriously. Piceasoft operates with demanding B2B customers…

15 December 2022
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Eliminating Privacy Risks of Used Mobile Devices With Piceasoft’s ADISA-Certified Erasing Solutions

Mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, contain a lot of personal data. Due to privacy concerns, users may feel uncomfortable…

29 November 2022
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Introduce Online Trade-in Service for Mobile and Consumer Electronic Devices Within 24 Hours

Consumer buying behavior has changed, and more and more consumers buy online. The trend will likely continue as consumers expect…

16 November 2022
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Optimizing in-store service experience for mobile device trade-ins

Customer experience plays an essential role in the success of retail businesses. Mobile device trade-in programs provide a great way…

27 October 2022
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Reduce e-waste by extending the lifecycle of mobile devices and consumer electronics

Every year, about 50 million tonnes of waste is generated from electrical products. That’s equivalent to throwing out 1000 laptops…

12 October 2022
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Piceasoft Launches New Consumer Electronics Platform & Ecosystem, PiceaOnline

The new PiceaOnline ecosystem consolidates Piceasoft’s solutions into one AI-driven business platform, expanding the support from mobiles to other high-value…

3 October 2022
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Process More Devices in Less Time Using Volume Workflows

When used mobile devices are bought back via trade-in programs, the old devices end up at a device processing facility…

9 September 2022
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Piceasoft Oy siirtyy arvo-osuusjärjestelmään

Piceasoft Oy:n osakkeenomistajien yksimielinen päätös 20.07.2022 päätti liittää Yhtiön osakkeet arvo-osuusjärjestelmään ja valtuutti Yhtiön hallituksen päättämään arvo-osuusjärjestelmään siirtymisen ajankohdasta. Yhtiön…

26 August 2022
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How Trade-In Vendors & Recyclers Can Benefit From Identifying Mobile Devices Targeted For Specific Operators

Mobile device trade-in vendors and recyclers handling a large number of used mobile devices look for efficiency and performance in…

9 August 2022