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Piceasoft introduces a new business model to better support its customers’ omnichannel service strategies

In the mobile device industry, ecosystem players such as operators and retailers have been building their sales, support, logistics, and marketing strategies extensively around the omnichannel approach. They aim to offer the same integrated experience and services in physical stores, online and mobile channels. Consumers’ lifetime value tends to be higher for the brands with a smart omnichannel strategy.

There are many reasons why omnichannel retail and support strategies are growing in importance. Consumers are purchasing more online and expect a unified service experience from all channels. The growth of online sales is driving the need to recycle phones because the amount of buyers’ remorse returns are increasing accordingly. Online retailers are not willing to invest in walk-in care centers but rather want to provide after-sales services via online channels and guide consumers to seek support either from digital self-help channels or by calling contact centers.

Piceasoft, Europe’s leading provider of mobile device lifecycle solutions, is introducing a new business model to better support its customers with omnichannel retail and customer support strategies. This means a new commercial model for the Picea® Services solutions, for customers building omnichannel services directed towards their mobile device users, in order to drive customer satisfaction, loyalty, and revenue across all touchpoints.

Piceasoft’s omnichannel approach is built on its strong market position at the point of sales. In the new business model, PiceaServices licenses will cover all service channels and create new opportunities for upselling and generating new revenue streams. The new commercial approach will also enable more efficient and customer-friendly business processes to better engage with end customers.

Piceasoft has mobile device lifecycle solutions for different channels to enable omnichannel user scenarios. Some examples of these consumer journeys are the following:

  • Consumers’ support journey: consumers can analyze device conditions at home, or they ask for assistance from contact centers that can help them to diagnose the faults. Alternatively, the device can be analyzed at the physical point of sale or care points.
  • Consumers’ trade-in journey: consumers can initiate their trade-in journey anywhere; directly from trade-in web service or marketing ads on web pages, newspapers, emails, or social media. Alternatively, consumers can visit a physical point of sales to initiate and complete the mobile device trade-in.
  • Consumers’ phone return journey: consumers can return their phones online or by visiting a physical point of sales or care point. Piceasoft has an innovative solution to remotely verify and capture information from an end user’s mobile device before the device is returned.

Piceasoft continues to build and enhance consistent user experience and service flows across all touchpoints. Picea® Reporting and Picea® History support the tracking of devices in the omnichannel user journey.

“Most, if not all of our customers have omnichannel strategies. These strategies are to better cope with sometimes unpredictable consumer behavior. It can be difficult to forecast in advance what channels consumers prefer to use and why. Our new business model enables flexibility and unified consumer experience through different touchpoints and supports our customers’ omnichannel strategies. By providing the best value from PiceaServices solutions combined with the omnichannel business model we can better serve and support our customers”, says Mikko Pyykkö, Chief Commercial Officer at Piceasoft.

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